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Always freaking out over your perpetually frizzy ‘do? Let your hair regain its composure with Batiste De-Frizzing Dry Shampoo. It’s lightweight, invisible formula smooths flyaways with coconut and green apple, melon and grapefruit scent notes make for a glossy grand finale. The transition from crazed to frizz-eased will be so seamless, your new nickname will …

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Is your hair damaged or over processed? Introducing your hair hero! Our breakthrough formula with strengthening keratin will refresh your hair leaving it looking healthy and feeling clean!  What’s more, it’s invisible and feels super lightweight on your hair!

Divine Dark

Divine Dark is for anyone with shades on the dark hair spectrum — color treated or natural. From mahohany to chocolate to midnight black, we’ve got you covered. Use to avoid white residue, and enhance your color with the mild notes of bergamot, white peach and vanilla bean.


Flowers can fix anything…especially day two hair. Wake up your sleepy roots with a few sprays of this happy bottle and get wilted hair back to blooming in no time.


Clean your hair with just a few sprays of this fan favorite. Its happy and summery scent gets you ready to face the world, while dreaming of vacation. Also available in 400ML


Get a fresh start to every day with this light and breezy scent. A few sprays will clean your hair and clear your mind, so you’re ready to take on whatever the day brings.

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