The mystery of dry shampoo and foam revealed.

Batiste FAQs

Yes, it’s super simple and easy. Shake, spray & massage in thoroughly, brush & you are good to go.

No, it doesn’t! All Batiste Dry Shampoo products are for use on dried hair.

Like any other aerosol spray can, The Batiste Dry Shampoo is also flammable, so it always be stored in a cool dry place.

It can be used as often as one likes. However, it is not a replacement for regular shampoo. It is helps to extend your hair wash cycle

Batiste can be used on most hair. It can add texture and volume to fine flyaway hair.

Yes it can, We use rice starch (natural material) as an active material. There is no existing link between reaction of dandruff and rice starch particles.

Yes! With any permanent hair color product, colour dyes enter the inside cortex region of the hair. Whereas Batiste dry shampoo product works on the oil and sebum on the external part of the hair.

Yes we are vegan friendly.

Shake the product vigorously once before use. A few quick sprays usually does the trick and instantly leaves hair feeling clean, fresh and full of body and texture.

Batiste Dry Shampoo can be left on over-night. It does make your hair soft, clean and adds great volume.

Batiste will soon be having more of its products distributed in the Middle East.

No time to wash your hair. Batiste Dry Shampoos boost body and help eliminate oily roots, giving lifeless or second-day hair an instant makeover without water. A quick spray revitalizes hair and refreshes your style, leaving it looking and feeling clean without drama.

Batiste plays well with any type of brush. If you’re feeling fancy, check out the Conair Batiste Dry Shampoo Brush that curves with the shape of your head to evenly distribute Batiste Dry Shampoo. You can find it here.

A few easy steps to game changing hair. First, shake the bottle vigorously. Then, section hair and hold the nozzle about 12 inches away as you spray into roots. Leave in a few moments, then massage into the scalp with fingertips to distribute evenly. Brush and style as desired. Need visuals? Watch this quick how to video or read our step-by-step dry shampoo usage guide.

It’s not magic, it’s science! Dry shampoo is a waterless formula that absorbs dirt and oil from the scalp giving your hair that just washed feeling. Or as we like to call it, the reason you can hit snooze in the morning.

Yes, all Batiste products are safe to use across the hair color spectrum! And by washing your hair less, you can help extend your hair color. If your color-treated hair gets dry, try using our hydrating formulas, available in both dry shampoo and foam.

If you have thin, straight or wavy hair that gets oily between washes, Batiste dry shampoo has a formula for you to add life, volume, or grip to your hair. Dry shampoo absorbs dirt and oils to leave your hair feeling clean and fresh between washes. Pick the Batiste scent that you love best or try a few.

Batiste is sulfate and sodium free, so you can use it without worry on keratin treated hair.

White residue is a perfectly normal part of the dry shampoo process and will disappear quickly. To help reduce the amount of whiteness on your scalp, make sure to shake the can well, spray 12 inches (30 cm) from your roots, massage thoroughly and brush away any excess residue.

Pro Tip: Try Batiste Divine Dark, Batiste Beautiful Brunette, or Batiste Brilliant Blonde Dry Shampoo products. Each bottle contains a Hint of Color that helps blend in with your hair shade!

It’s best to prep your hair with Batiste before you use a styling tool to avoid messing up any of your beautiful wand work.

Dry Shampoo instantly refreshes your hair when you don’t have time (or the energy!) for a full on get ready session. Spray in the morning when you want to sleep in, at your desk for a midday boost, or take Batiste with you to the gym, on vacation, and beyond. It instantly absorbs oil from the scalp, revitalizes dull and lifeless hair, eliminates odor, and can extend the life of a blowout.

No. Clean or dirty, doesn’t matter, just as long as your hair is dry. If your hair is damp from sweat post-work out (get it girl!) we recommend quickly blow-drying before using for best results.

The easiest thing you’ll do all day! Shake the can vigorously before use. Separate hair into sections and spray into roots in quick short bursts holding can 12 inches (30 cm) away from hair. Leave for a few moments and massage through. Brush out any excess.

Of course! You can try Hint of Color Beautiful Brunette. We think you’ll love it!

For redheads, we suggest trying Beautiful Brunette “Hint of Color!” This bottle blends into a mix of medium hair shades.

Definitely! Try Divine Dark Hint of Color. 

Sure! Feel free to experiment and find the combo that’s right for you and your do.

Just like you would any other Batiste Dry Shampoo. First, shake the bottle vigorously. Then, section hair and hold the nozzle about 12 inches away as you spray into roots. Leave in a few moments, then massage into the scalp with fingertips (or a brush!) to distribute color evenly. Style as usual.

Everyone’s hair is different so depending on your level of oiliness, you can use Batiste Dry Shampoo whenever your locks are in need of a little extra love between washes.

Batiste Dry Shampoos and Foams have been tested to ensure maximum safety. A reaction to dry shampoo or foam is extremely rare, but if you experience any difference in your hair, we recommend you stop using.

It’s perfectly fine to leave Batiste Dry Shampoo in your hair for a few days or until your next wash.

Guys, welcome to the club. Batiste Dry Shampoo and Foam are for anyone and everyone who wants to refresh their hair without the work. Your hair type, not your gender, determines which Batiste product is right for you.

Batiste Dry Shampoo help you look great on day 2 hair (or 3 or 4, we won’t tell). Use Batiste Foam or Dry Shampoo whenever your hair needs a refresh, whether that’s after a workout, when you wake up late and need to get going, or when you want your hair to feel and smell clean. Keep a bottle at home and one on hand in your drawer at work, in your gym bag, or in your purse so you can always reach for a refresh and get back to your life.

Batiste Dry Shampoo is no-mess, no-rinse, no-water solutions to revive and refresh your hair between washes. It will help you extend the time between shampoos and help prolong your blowout or your color. It’s an essential part of your healthy hair-care routine.

Choose the right formula for your hair type: reach for dry shampoo if you need to absorb oils or pump up the volume.

No. Batiste Dry Shampoo is free of sulfates and parabens. If you have keratin-treated hair, check with your hairdresser before using.

No. Batiste Dry Shampoos is sodium-free so go ahead and spray away, without worry.

Gluten is part of Batiste Dry Shampoo formula and helps it work like magic.

Like most cosmetic products, we use alcohol as a solvent in our products. Alcohol is considered safe for use in contact with the skin and hair. Alcohol also provides a fresh, cooling effect that feels great.

All the ingredients in Batiste Dry Shampoo have been tested to ensure maximum safety.

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. is fully committed to ensuring and protecting animal welfare. We use only materials already known to be safe. It is our policy not to test on animals, and we also request that suppliers not test any materials or products on animals, unless required by law or regulation.

Yes, Batiste Mini’s are a perfect travel essential. Current legislation allows aerosols of 80ml  or under to be taken in hand luggage, however as regulations can change it’s best to check with your individual airline. All other sizes must go in checked baggage.

Yes we are vegetarian and vegan friendly.


Batiste Dry Shampoo is a quick and convenient way of getting soft clean and fresh smelling hair, without water. Its innovative formula boosts body and texture while helping in the elimination of oily roots, giving dull lifeless hair an instant makeover without water.

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