Secrets to healthy hair

Our hair can be as straight as an arrow, as irregularly wavy as an ECG or as curly as a spiral. Or, it could be anything in between. Regardless of what the hair type is and how it looks, there is this one thing that all of us want – healthy, shiny and voluminous hair. If only it was as easy as writing about it!

Adding to the woes of irregular – or for that matter, even regular – hair types, is the scorching summers of the UAE! Although there is no doubt that a good soothing bath with essential oils and candles around [i.e if our bosses allow us to leave office by 6] will help us win over the heat, it wouldn’t be the most sapient activity to do. At least not for your hair. Oh c’mon, that wasn’t news at all!

Can I pull my hair?

It is understandable and quite alright too to be frustrated when hair maintenance becomes cumbersome during these untameable summers. While you might have pulled your hair a gazillion times already, we suggest you hold on to that thought until you have finished reading this article. That’s right, we are going to give you 10 secrets, which when revealed becomes tips on how to get the perfect hair even if it is a scorching 45 degree celsius outside. Let’s get started. 

Tip 1: Wash the hair less often

This should come as happy news to many. It’s quite an uphill task to get the hair all washed, shampooed, conditioned and later dried. But we are saying, put that to rest and refrain from washing the hair more than once or at the most, twice a week. But how is that going to help me get the sassy hair, you may ask. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo, an easy to use instant refresher of the hair is the answer. It works well as a bridge between your hair wash cycles. The Batiste Hydrate, as the name suggests keeps your hair fresh throughout the day and night making dry scalps and thin hair a thing of the past.

Tip 2: ‘Terms and Conditions’ apply on the conditioner

Taking a generous amount of conditioner to your palm and applying on the head won’t do the trick. Applying to the middle and ends of your hair and then working backward to the scalp does. Also choosing the right conditioner based on your hair type goes a long way in giving that healthy look to your hair. 

Tip 3: Go easy on the heat styling

There is enough and more heat outside. Why bring it indoors by blow drying or ironing your hair? Although it might be necessary after a hair wash, reduce the number of times you actually do that. And to avoid both the hair wash and the heat styling, go for any of the Batiste Dry Shampoo products for your styling needs.

Tip 4: Minimise hair processing such as dyes, perms, relaxers

This is pretty serious: While we all love to have a splash of colour [or two] on our hair, it is important that we give our hair the due rest it requires to rehydrate and recuperate after a chemical workout. We ain’t discouraging you from going to your stylist to get that bleaching or dying done. All we are saying is, before going in for the next round, give it some time. Phew, glad that’s out of our hair!

Tip 5: Cap your hair when out there 

While you are out in the sun or when going for an outdoor swim, wear a hat or a swimming cap. It reduces the direct effect of the sun on your hair. The chlorinated water in pools can have adverse effects on your hair even long after the swim. Make sure the cap is in your things – to – take – list and thank us later!

Tip 6: Prevent breakage by detangling

This is more of a cheat code than a tip. Spending or rather investing some time to detangle your hair before getting into a shower works wonders in order to prevent hair breakages. Let’s get the hair in order, shall we?

Tip 7: Brush when it is dry

Goodbye split ends and flyaways! Did you ask how? Brush your hair when it’s dry.  Wet hair = more breakage. If you are pressed for time, use a wide tooth comb instead of a hairbrush. Tooth combs can 

be more gentle to the hair follicles and your scalp is gonna love it too!

Tip 8: Scalp is the game changer

Your hair might be the players on the field but your scalp is the coach. ANd the team is only as good as the coach. Moisturising the scalp and protecting it from the dry heat is of utmost importance for a vibrant looking hair. The dry shampoos of Batiste when applied to the scalp rejuvenates and refreshes the hair like no other product. It is easy to use and the whole process of washing your hair gets done in less than 2 minutes. 

Tip 9: Your hair needs sleep care too!

Looking for silky hair? Then  pillowcases need to be silky too! The smooth fabric  helps reduce tangling while you sleep. As a step further, you can tie your hair in a loose braid or put them in a sleep cap.

Tip 10: Trim them young. 

Getting a haircut regularly helps eliminate split ends and reduces damages to the hair. How often do you have to visit the salon for a haircut? Once in 3 to 7 weeks if the hair is short or bobbed. Once in 10 to 12 weeks if your tresses are long. 

There you have it. The secret is now out! Follow these ten commandments for ravishing, youthful hair. These, when followed religiously, are sure to give you stunning outcomes. And with Batiste Dry Shampoo, you can be confident that you are way ahead in the game.

Batiste Dry Shampoo is a quick and convenient way of getting soft clean and fresh smelling hair, without water. Its innovative formula boosts body and texture while helping in the elimination of oily roots, giving dull lifeless hair an instant makeover without water.

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